7 Famous Arab Actors

Famous Arab actors

If you live in the Middle East or are a fan of Arabian movies and looking to unwind after a long week or relax, movies will remain a go-to. Subsequently, knowing some famous actors that provide entertainment is not out of place.

When you think of filmmaking in the Middle East, these 7 actors are ones to look out for. These famous Arab actors have featured in some of the top movies produced in the Middle East.

Saba Mubarak


Saba Mubarak is another Middle East actor from Jordan. She has starred in multiple roles, including her debut Sihr wa Qamar in 1998. Saba is a recipient of several awards like Best Jordanian actress in 2009 and 2010, Best Actress Award at the Middle East Now Festival and the Jordanian Tyche Award for Best Arab Actress in 2012.

Ashraf Barhom


Ashraf Barhom is an Arab actor from Isreal, born on 8 January 1979. He is known for his roles in blockbusters like The Syrian Bride and Clash of the Titans. Ashraf Barhom received recognition internationally after his performance in The Kingdom (2007). He also won the Best Actor award at the Malmo Arab Film Festival. Asides from acting, Ashraf is a creative producer and scriptwriter.

Mais Hamden


Mais Hamden is a Jordanian actress, singer and TV presenter. Born in the UAE on 31 October 1982, Mais began her acting career in the satirical show CBM. She has starred in movies such as How’s it Going? and Omar & Salma; TV shows such as Noof and Shatranj. Mais is known for imitating several Arab figures, making her one of the most famous Arab actors today.

Dorra Zarrouk


Tunisia actress Dorra Zarrouk is known for movies like Zombie Goes Zombie. She was born in Tunisia on 13 January 1980 and began her acting career in a theatre group. Since then, Dorra has risen to work with Tunisian and other international cinemas. Dorra holds a BA in Law and an MA in Political Science.

Karim Abdel Aziz


Karim Abdel Aziz is a famous Egyptian actor born on 17 August 1975. He has been featured in popular Arab movies like The Blue Elephant and Abu Ali. From being an assistant director to a director, Karim Aziz finally switched to film, where he established his genius as a great Arab actor.

Bassel Khayat


A Syrian actor, Bassel Khayet, is known for contributing to Arab television and theatre. He is one famous Middle East actor whose remarkable talent and depiction of challenging roles have won him a considerable fan base in the Arab world. Bassel began acting at eight and became one of Egypt’s finest actors after his role in Neeran Sadeeqa (2013).

Amr Waked


Amr Waked is an Egyptian television and stage actor. His fame as one of the top Middle East’s famous actors began with his role in Syriana. He has also won the Best Actor award at the Alexandria International Film Festival. This paved the way for other roles in international productions. Amr Waked later produced his first feature film, “Winter of Discontent,” in honour of the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

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