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All About Camel Racing In Dubai

What is Camel Racing?

What is Camel Racing?

Camels are known to be animals that survive for long periods without water. This distinctive characteristic makes them unique animals in Dubai, a desert region. Camel racing in Dubai involves camels racing over at high speeds on a predetermined route. Groups of camels compete against each other in the race for cash prizes and trophies. The sporting exercise is not new to UAE and is an event that draws locals and tourists alike as entertainment.

History of Camel Racing in Dubai

History of Camel Racing in Dubai

Dubai is home to a rich cultural heritage, with camel racing being one of its unique traditions. The UAE is part of the vast deserts of the Middle East region, and for centuries, camels have proven helpful for transportation and feeding. These animals have always benefited the region’s people as they are also a valuable source of clothing and shelter.

Now that modernity has set in, the use of these desert animals remains pivotal for people in Dubai.

Originally, camel races were held at festivals and events like weddings. However, the rise of technology and development led to a decline in this original heritage sport.

When the region’s rulers saw a decline in the heritage sport, they tried to revive it. In the early 2000s, camel race tracks were built, and the sport again rose to prominence in the UAE. With the effort of UAE’s rulers, camel racing in Dubai is now one of the most prominent races in the world and is regarded as any other typical championship. The winning camel takes home an award, which can be in kind or a sum of money given to its owner.

Position of Camel Race in UAE today

Position of Camel Race in UAE today

Camel racing remains a full-blown event that continues yearly in the UAE. The primary camel race in Dubai is held at the Al Marmoom Camel racing track, close to the Al Marmoom Heritage Village. It is the biggest camel racing in Dubai, organized annually and attracts a crowd of locals and tourists alike.

The camel race at Al Mamoom is held annually as part of the nation’s heritage festival. Camel racing remains one of the region’s heritage, and the competition intends to keep it so.

Another famous camel race in UAE is the Al Khwaneej racing track. Camel racing is a modernized sport but aims to keep the tradition alive. Other camel racetracks in Dubai include Al Wathba in Abu Dhabi and Al Sawan.

Camel Racing Dubai is not an event organized only for Emiratis. Neighbouring countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman, where camels are also located, participate in the sport.

Although attending camel racing in Dubai is free, you should arrive at the racetrack early enough to secure a good spot. This way, you can get a good view of all the action.

In conclusion, though camel racing in Dubai is a prominent sport, it is still a revealer of the nation’s cultural heritage and its bid to sustain it.

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