Beauty Brands In Dubai That Could Be Your Next Favourite

Beauty brands in Dubai

Beauty brands have been setting the pace for skincare essentials, from makeup to cosmetics. As a hub for innovation, the UAE is home to entrepreneurs from different industries, beauty brands inclusive. Several entrepreneurs from the UAE have become experts in providing makeup and beauty products. Subsequently, this makes the UAE one of the world’s rising markets for beauty products

These beauty and cosmetic brands in UAE have made a name for themselves and could be your next favourite.

Huda Beauty

What began as a beauty blog in 2010 has become one of the biggest global beauty brands. Huda Beauty is owned by Huda Katten, rated as one of Forbes’ top three beauty influencers. The beauty and cosmetics brand has a line-up of over 140 million products ranging from eye palettes and foundation to highlighters and lip gloss.


With a deep love for nature as its primary value, Odist offers an exclusive range of brush lines that is cruelty-free. Odist is a minimalist beauty brand in Dubai with just three unique brush varieties. The brand prides itself in carving out a specific niche in the beauty market that is both effective and animal-friendly.

Hindash Cosmetics

Hindash cosmetics launched a line named Beautopsy, a pressed pigment palette. The cosmetic line is intended to make it easier for anyone to achieve professional-style makeup. With six pigments in Beautopsy, it is to be used across the eyes, cheeks and complexion to give an artistic finish.


Izil is a beauty brand that presents products rich in Morocco’s natural skincare recipes. The brand delivers an all-in-one natural skincare line that gives you an at-home spa experience to keep your skin glowing and refreshed. It combines some of the best recipes, like Argan oil, Saffron, and Rosewater, while avoiding artificial preservatives.

Lash Dubai

Lash Dubai is a beauty brand in the Middle East focused on producing quality eyelash extensions. The brand was founded by two women and has risen to be one of the top brands in Dubai for its optimal beauty products and unique designs. The lashes produced by this brand are predominantly made with human hair and complement your style, whether bold or subtle.


The brains behind Huda Beauty launched Kayali as a fragrance brand. Kayali combines unique ingredients to make scents that are loved worldwide. The scents can be individually worn or combined by basing the creation of the scents on Middle East culture of perfume layering.


Launched by three sisters, CTZN is a beauty brand that produces lip products. The beauty brand began with 25 vegan dual-ended lipstick and gloss collection. Its stresses prioritizing individual beauty so women can feel seen and acknowledged.


These beauty brands in Dubai are some of the most popular brands focused on skincare and cosmetic products. Whether you want to switch to something new or begin your makeup and beauty journey, any of these beauty brands in Dubai can be your next favourite.

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