Best Fruits and Vegetables in the Middle East with Anti-aging Qualities

Fruits and Vegetables

Man has always been in search of immortality. Ancient Egyptian tales would laud men who became gods because they could live forever. Although that seems not to be physically possible, there are gifts of nature in the form of fruits and vegetables that contain specific vitamins that have high anti-aging qualities and may be best suited for fresh skin and long life. Below are some common anti-aging fruits in the Middle East.

1. Dates

Dates are one of the oldest fruits; they can be directly traced to the ancient Egyptians, who utilized dates in many of their consumption activities. Dates are high in fiber and have a high concentration of disease-fighting antioxidants. In many cases, they also act as a natural sweeteners. Very importantly, dates are high in anti-aging properties, preventing the accumulation of melanin in the skin. The vitamin C and D present in dates also build collages to delay wrinkles’ appearance and have excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Lemon

The first appearance of lemon in the Middle East can be traced to Iran. It has been utilized for various functions in countries of the Middle East. Lemons are great for remedying and preventing damage. It is also great for brightening the skin and can be pretty helpful in preventing sun damage and tightening loose flesh. Interestingly, Lemons also have exfoliating agents known as alpha hydroxy acids, which can eradicate acne, laugh lines, oily skin, and wrinkles.

3. Avocados


Avocados are widely known globally; they are fantastic for hydrating and softening the skin as they contain natural oil and antioxidant. It can be consumed, pasted, drunk, and applied directly on the skin. Likewise, numerous recipes on how best to construct a skincare routine using avocados exist. Avocados are also great for skin elasticity and firmness and protect against free radicals and sun rays.

4. Turnips


Turnips are a staple in the Middle East; they are usually consumed, pickled, and paired with numerous regional foods. Turnips have a high contraction of vitamin A, vitamin C, and copper, which are active anti-inflammatory agents and help to promote smooth skin. Their high vitamin C curbs the spread and growth of cancer cells and reduces cancer risk. Interestingly, Turnips are great for weight management due to their non-starchiness.

5. Olives


If you are in search of glowing, slow-aging, and soft skin, then Olives are your best bet. These fruits are local to the Middle East and have had a long history in the region. Like Turnips, they have anti-inflammatory properties and help curb oxidative stress, which automatically means that wrinkles and dark spots are reduced significantly.


What a wonder it would be to combine all the fruits above to give a powerful combo! It is also intriguing to note that beauty companies use some or all of these in products and serums. As such, what better way to improve significantly on the skin by tapping directly into the natural source? You can begin with the daily consumption of one of these fruits or vegetables today.

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