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Discover Your Perfect Lash Companion: Huda Beauty Mascara

Ten years after its launch, Huda Beauty Mascara remains at the forefront of providing quality makeup products in Dubai and beyond. Though the famous brand’s makeup products are favourites among beauty enthusiasts, the Mascara line has proven to be the perfect lash companion.

Since the introduction of Legit Lashes, the first-ever Huda beauty mascara in 2020, the Mascara line has remained a bestseller. In this article, we highlight the Huda Beauty Mascara review and the major selling points of the product.

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Description of Huda Beauty Mascara

Description of Huda Beauty Mascara

The Huda Beauty Mascara line was born because of Huda’s love for false lashes. Huda Kattan, the founder of the fast-growing beauty brand, launched Huda Beauty in 2013 following her experience as a makeup artist and the gap she witnessed in the style and quality of lashes available at that time.

With this in mind, Huda introduced Legit Lashes to give your lashes the desired volume and curl. The famous mascara is a dual-sided product, with one side dubbed the “Volume side,” delivering significant volume to your lashes. Its other side, “Curl & Length,” is designed to give dramatic and dreamy lengths. The Legit Lashes Double-ended Volumizing, and Lengthening Mascara comes in electric blue and extreme black colours.

Both sides of the innovative Huda Beauty Mascara accentuate your lash length. So, whether you use both sides together or separately, you can customise your look and achieve the perfect lashes depending on your mood. The Legit Lashes line also has a Legit Lashes Mascara Topcoat to achieve a perfectly natural lash look that withstands sweating or swimming.

After the success of the first line of Huda Beauty Mascara, the beauty brand has finally launched another mascara line for makeup and beauty enthusiasts. The new mascara line, 1 Coat Wow!, is designed to give extra volume and lift to your lashes.

Vegan-friendly Product That Instantly Coats Your Lashes

Vegan-friendly Product That Instantly Coats Your Lashes

1 Coat Wow! is a vegan-friendly product that instantly coats your lashes with one dip of the mascara. Like the Legit Lashes mascara, 1 Coat Wow! is a dual-sided brush with volumizing and lifting sides to separate and lengthen the lashes simultaneously.

Whether you have curly, fine, long, or dense lashes, 1 Coat Wow! works to create instant and dramatic lashes in seconds. All you have to do is apply one coat of your mascara and work it to your desired look, and voila, you have the lashes with more volume and lifting.

Both lines of Huda Beauty mascara are available for sale on the official website of Huda Beauty. You can also check out the Huda Beauty mascara price of your preference. We hope this is a straightforward Huda Beauty Mascara review to help you discover your perfect lash companion.

Being the Queen of Lashes, Huda Kattan’s creation of Huda Beauty Mascara answers every lady looking for the perfect lash companion. Whether you use the Legit Lashes or the latest addition to the Huda Beauty Mascara line, 1 Coat Wow!, anticipate the perfect lash look you’ll love.

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