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Essential Tips for Balancing Work and Ramadan

We look forward to Ramadan long before the presence of the holy month. However, when Ramadan comes, we need to have the best Balancing between Work and Ramadan. In this article we would be offering you tips and advice regarding how to achieve the best balance in the holy month.

The right planning for meals

planning for meals

The first thing you should do is to think about what you would eat in Iftar and Sehour. What you eat largely impacts the levels of energy you have. While we need to consume the right percentage of carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, and vegetables, we need to make sure we do not intake too much carbs.


When we consume large quantities of carbs, our bodies find it hard to process it. Thus, we would feel tired and idle. This leads to laziness after Iftar and results in a huge decrease in our productivity


A plan for your annual leave

annual leave

For balancing work and Ramadan, it’s a great idea to book some of your annual leaves during the last 10 days of Ramadan to focus on prayers and religious rituals. If you cannot take vacations, you can increase your productivity in some days, and dedicate other days for prayers and reading the Quran.

Spend more time with the Quran


When was the last time you spent a considerable period of time reading the Quran? You should benefit from all the time available to read the Quran in Ramadan. You can read on your way to work, in your breaks, and free time. This would help you develop reading the Quran as a daily habit.

Benefit from your break time


You should make the best benefit of your break times at work. You can go out for a walk to breathe fresh air and refresh, carry out your prayers, or read the Quran. You can also take a nap if the option is available.

Face your work challenges with by being patient


Take a piece of paper, or use your computer or mobile phone to write down your daily challenges and identify ways to efficiently deal with them to increase your productivity.

Dealing with work pressure

work pressure

Take from 5 to 10 minutes to relax and read the Quran. The benefits of reading the Quran are not limited to the deeds you obtain, but it makes you feel more comfortable and refreshed to carry out your work duties.

Planning for your time after going home


If you wish to maximize your benefits from your time, to achieve the best balance between work and Ramadan, you should perfectly plan and divide it upon various activities like meeting family and friends, relaxing and sleeping, and carrying out your religious duties. If you have a lot of obligations at home, you should have a short nap as soon as you go home.

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