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EU-Financed ‘Fresh Fruit Gift’ promotions held in Dubai

The EU-financed campaign “Fresh Fruit Gift” took place in Dubai from July 24 to July 29, 2023, featuring promotions at 17 sales locations. This campaign aimed to promote European fresh fruit products from Greece and Romania to third countries, including the United Kingdom, India, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The campaign highlighted aspects such as European food safety, premium quality production standards, unique aroma, and delicious flavor.

During the promotional activities, consumers had the opportunity to receive informational materials like brochures about the campaign, providing details about the European fresh fruit products. They also learned about the food safety standards upheld in Europe and the high-quality production processes. Free samples of European fresh fruit products from Greece and Romania were distributed for consumers to savor.

Among the products showcased in the campaign were cherries from Greece, specifically from Agios Loukas and Pierias, known as ASKGE Rachi & Cherries. Additionally, blueberries and raspberries from Romania, originating from FRUTPROD, were also featured in the campaign.

The overarching goal of the EU-financed campaign “Fresh Fruit Gift” was to raise awareness about the delectable fresh fruit products from Greece and Romania and to promote these products in various third countries, including the UK, India, and the UAE.

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