The idea behind Marli Jewellery

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The United Arab Emirates is a hub for thriving sectors like fashion, tech, beauty, health and agriculture. Now, the minimalist jewellery brand, Marli New York, has established itself in the trailblazing city of Dubai.

The idea behind Marli Jewellery


As a brand founded in 2014, Marli Jewellery is the brainchild of a Syrian-born entrepreneur and designer, Marla Artinian. Marla Artinian guiding principle behind her creations is to create designs that help women feel more empowered and confident. She launched the Marli New York brand when there was a lack of female-owned jewellery companies creating jewellery designs for women.

For her, it was a leap of faith coming to America.

Marli drew her inspiration from the vibrant city and its dynamic, driven women living there. Subsequently, she founded Marli as a jewellery company that creates minimal, refined, and contemporary pieces using 18K gold in yellow.

Since its inception, it has become known, even outside the shores of the USA, as a reputable brand that provides contemporary designs with high-quality artistry. Celebrities like Emma Roberts and Scarlett Johansson wear stellar jewellery pieces.  

Marli Jewellery in Dubai

marli jewellery

Marla built the brand on the principles of modernity and women’s empowerment. This unique perspective in jewellery pieces has now reached the Middle East. From the Marli New York boutique, the brand has set up store openings in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Its expansion into the UAE is one of the latest moves by the brand. Now, all fine jewellery lovers can find gold Marli jewellery in Dubai. As usual, the Marli jewellery pieces are designed to evoke the charm and beauty of women who wear confidence daily. The aim is to create bold, vibrant pieces that are effortless to wear. 

From bracelets to rings and pendants, necklaces, earrings and cuffs, Marli Jewellery in Dubai delivers contemporary designs in a minimalist style. For instance, two of its most popular collections – the Cleo by Marli and Rock by Marli collection pieces are on display in the Marli outlet in Dubai. They also come in varying colours, like jade, pale pink, and lapis lazuli. 

Other collections of Marli designed to portray timeless presence and individuality include Avenues, Empire, Coco, Tip-Top, and others. Rest assured, each group is unique and presents exquisite and refined styles.

Marli stands out for its minimalist architectural design created for everyday luxury, which the brand aims to portray in Dubai. In addition, the fluid lines and flawless reflective qualities contribute to the uniqueness of its pieces. 

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