Five Best Grooming Habits for the Middle Eastern Man

Grooming Habits

Scientists have determined that male grooming habits have strong physical and psychological effects. Physically, grooming helps to maintain cleanliness and prevent diseases. Psychological grooming has been acclaimed as a vital confidence booster to help men feel extra confident about themselves and make lasting positive impressions. The tips below may be indispensable for many struggling to form personal grooming habits.

Facial Hairs Trimming


As a result of the excess facial hairs that tend to accompany most Middle Eastern Men, it is essential to prioritize neat trimming as often as possible. Areas such as the beard, chest hairs, back, nose hairs, and eyebrows must be kept trimmed always. For those who prefer to do it at home, it is advisable to begin by softly brushing the hairy area and trimming with a compact electric clipper or practical scissors from the longest to the shortest until you arrive at the desired results.

2. Nails Care


Nails care a must-do for everyone, male and female alike. It is essential to prevent contamination and transmission of diseases. More importantly, neatly trimmed nails are less likely to cause hazards like piercing and scratching to the person and others around him. Maintaining your nail grooming habit is easy with a nail clipper, nail filer, cuticle remover, and cuticle oil. A typical nail care routine would involve clipping at most three to four times – the nails to the desired length from the sides inwards. Afterwards, you must file your nails, remove your cuticles using a cuticle remover, and apply cuticle oil to prevent blisters.

3. Fragrance Maintenance Habits


It is essential to appreciate the vitality of the fragrance game. Fragrances such as colognes, perfumes, and aftershaves are the perfect way to maintain personal grooming habits. Colognes should be spread directly on the skin. Spraying along pulse points like the wrist, lower jaw, chest, neck, and inner elbow is best for a lasting effect. Kindly note that you are not to rub the fragrance into your skin or spread it into the air and walk in the mist, as this would kill the scent of the products.

4. Moisturizing Routines


Gone are the days when moisturizing is left to the women alone. Given the rapid climate change, it is essential to keep moisturized at all times to have soft, hydrated, and better-looking skin. Of course, you must obtain a suitable moisturizer before any attempt to begin a moisturizing routine. One should look for Ceramide in moisturizers as the skin can readily absorb it. An aftershave is also a good moisturizer for the jaw and upper lip area after shaving

5. Maintenance of Grooming Tools


The best way to form perfect personal grooming habits is to ensure that all tools needed for grooming are always kept in mint condition and shape. This maintenance will make reaching for any device easier when and where needed. Some of these tools may require frequent cleaning and maintenance using oils and grease; others may require sterilization. Quick research will enlighten you on the best option and method for maintaining each grooming tool.


Grooming habits are some of the basic ones, and the only hurdle is beginning. Once you take the first initiative and begin these male grooming habits by following them to the book, you can rest assured that you are on the part to healthiness, confidence, and vitality.

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