Leisure Activities in Dubai

Five Best Leisure Activities in Dubai

From riding a hot air balloon with a front seat view to breath-taking scenery to cruising on the love boats or a luxury jet ski. The City of Gold – Dubai – offers quality activities for pleasure, relaxation, or other emotional satisfaction alone or with friends and loved ones. This article is a list of the five best leisure activities in Dubai for engagement within the borders of Dubai.



Dubai has been deemed to be a city of tourism. As such, an average tourist in Dubai would have sightseeing at the top of their to-do list. Fortunately, the city steps right up to the plate with numerous places to spend free time. There are beautiful sceneries to be seen in the Dubai Miracle Garden. Tourists can also opt for the Burj Khalifa – the highest building in the world. With 163 floors, the Burj Khalifa places sightseeing literally on top of the world with unlimited access to a view of the whole city. Other equally great places include the largest water park in Dubai – the Aquaventure Park – in Atlantis, Dubai.



It is no gainsaying that Dubai is renowned as the ultimate tourist getaway for watersports and other related activities. Interestingly, there are also leisure activities for those who would rather watch than actively participate. The Dubai Mall, for instance, offers the opportunity to watch the world’s biggest choreographed waterworks shoot as high as 152.4 meters while illumined by over 6,600 lights.

Another perfect spot for watersports is the Wild Wadi water park in Jumeirah. The park offers water slides, roller coasters, a waterfall, various activities, and relaxation centres. For tourists who are particularly geared towards skiing, then the indoor ski centre of Ski Dubai may prove to be the perfect option. It offers perfect geographic terrain for skiing and even features an indoor snow mountain!



Indeed, it is a common saying that there can be no Desert sports in Dubai without Desert Safari. The Desert experience offered by a wide range of Desert Safari provides an opportunity to go on an extended drive in the desert. This drive will also include other activities such as sand skiing, belly dancing shows, camel rides, and quad biking.

Air Leisure Activities


It is impossible to engage in any leisure activities in Dubai without including skydiving. It has been rated a foremost activity in the city. For those who need some burst of adrenaline and a shudder of exciting rush, sky diving in Dubai offers a chance to fully engage in a free-fall 13,000 feet from a skydiving plane. For persons not too keen on sky diving, a Bungee jump is another spectacular air leisure activity in Dubai. This activity involves jumping from an erected structure, usually a tall building, while being connected to a large elastic cord and dangling from such after jumping.

Museum Activities


It is often said that it is impossible to divorce Dubai from its outstanding museums. The Dubai Museum is an option. Each one of these buildings with its historical tales are recommended for leisure activities in Dubai. No doubt, one is sure to take a tour on a sure-footed platform down history lane.



Each of these places may require some form of monetary consideration for passage. This consideration is also subject to the country’s policies. However, they promise to be worth every penny spent.

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