Five Best Spas and Relaxation Centers in Saudi Arabia

Relaxation Centers

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Although controversial, the origin of spas and relaxation centers can be traced to ancient Greece. Other historical sources have traced spa towns with mineral waters and hot spring destinations to the Middle East ancient town of Persia, where it is believed King Phraortes developed the first hot tub. Regardless, the Middle East is home to some of the best resorts and relaxation centers in the world. Here are the best spas and relaxation centers in Saudi Arabia.

1- The Ritz-Carlton Spa


The Ritz-Carlton spa is the perfect representation of a multi-continental resort with quality and age. The spa has about 100 years of history, which is witness to its continual delivery of excellent services across the board. The Ritz- Carlton organizes tranquil spa retreats with endless supplies of treatments inspired by ancient traditions and modern science. Its restorative retreats tagged ‘The Beauty of Silence’ and the secluded and serene ‘8 Off-the-Radar Wellness Gateways’ stimulate the perfect gateway for utmost pampering and relaxation.

2- The Al Faisaliah Spa


The Al Faisaliah spa seeks to promote the vision of a luxurious, unique, but exclusive center for relaxation and lifestyle. The resort is a Ladies’ retreat in the heart of Saudi Arabia that seeks to provide a center for relaxation, socialization, and premium treatment and services. Their services include massage and facials to Moroccan baths, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, and personalized ESPA treatment.

3- Sokoun Spa and Fitness Center


The Sokoun spa and fitness center is a center that contains every piece of equipment needed for exercise and training, perfect for recreation. It involves a gym with a dash of brilliant programs geared to cater to travelers and tourists. It also provides a steam room, sauna, ice fountain, members’ lounge, indoor swimming pool, and Moroccan Hammam. The Sokoun spa and fitness center is particularly renowned for its training sessions organized by experts with enough experience and knowledge vested in individual training to help realize body goals and relaxation. 4

4- Four Seasons Spa


The Four Seasons spa in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is one of the city’s few men’s spas. It offers the Royal Moroccan Hammam, which involves a mask of honey and royal jelly after a Moroccan Hammam ritual, a hot lava shell massage, and other refereeing scrubs and baths, relaxing massages, and enhancement treatments. What’s more, the spa has a fitness center that houses exercise facilities and is committed to the physical development of its customers.

5- Hot Stone Spa


Hot Stone spa prioritizes the client’s needs and treatment now. It is geared to provide apt relaxation and stress relief. Hot Stone spa offers facials, body treatments, massages, manicures and pedicures, Hammams, and body scrubs. Hot Stone is equipped with the finest workers and the latest hi-tech machines. Prices of a spa session are available upon request depending on the branch and venue.


Each center is where one can enjoy absolute relaxation and tranquility. For many, the prices are provided on request and during or after the booking of a session. Before making plans for one, it is vital to be sure of the cost of a spa session. The curated above have also been selected for their affordability despite their quality.


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