Fun Daytime Family Activities To Consider in 2023

family activities

The middle east is full of family-friendly attractions, including stunning beaches, sweeping dunes, and easily accessible historic monuments. From Dubai to Jordan, Egypt or Saudi, you can go out of your comfort zone and engage in enjoyable experiences with your loved ones. The region has a rich history and culture, stunning mountain ranges, and incredible desert excursions. Hence, whether you are a resident or a visitor, you can have fun and learn about your location too.

Here are some intriguing and exciting family activities to consider in the day time:

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo


You will discover an underwater world teeming with marine life at the Dubai Aquarium. You may wonder at the 10-million-liter aquarium tank itself, then experience what it is like to walk down the sea floor in the breath-taking Aquarium Tunnel before going to the spectacular Underwater Zoo to get up close to hundreds of marine animals. There is more than enough to keep everyone occupied for a long time here.

Road Tripping around Jordan


Jordan is a wonderful destination for outdoor adventurers and history aficionados since there are so many noteworthy locations that both children and their parents will appreciate. A road journey across Jordan is a fantastic family adventure, with everything from the ancient Roman remains of Gerasa to the huge plains of Wadi Rum. The nation is manageable enough for self-driving, except for downtown Amman, where steely nerves are required. Alternatively, you may hire a tour and driver to accompany you to all the major attractions.

Horse riding at Al Hajar Mountains, Oman


The Hajar mountains are Oman’s geological backbone. The spectacular mountain range extends along the country’s east coast, from Sur to the Musandam Peninsula. They are a hotshot for active family adventures, but for a different way of getting around, saddle up on an Arabian horse.

4×4 ride in the desert, Dubai


Take a 4×4 trip over the desert, Dubai. Embark on a 5-hour 44 safari from Dubai into the desert. You can have a free quad bike ride, eat a BBQ, and see traditional Emirati entertainment.

VR Park


Kids of all ages may test reality and learn while playing various virtual reality games at VR Park. You get to see distant planets, visit the far-off future, and see the not-so-distant world of a fully virtualized Dubai among the 18 distinct attractions inside VR Park, thanks to a series of games created with some of the top VR production houses in the world.

Luxor, Egypt


This place is home to the best storybook Egyptian temples. This place has The Valley of the Kings and the Karnak Temple. These temples are two fascinating sites that tell tales of pharaohs, mummies, and extinct tribes. With its enormous, stunning columns and reputation as the biggest temple ever constructed, Karnak is particularly magnificent. Exploring the environment with your kids

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