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Get Healthy Feet With A Medical Pedicure In Dubai

We occasionally get a pedicure to make our feet look better and healthier. However, there is a more improved version different from the traditional pedicure we all experience. It is the Medical Pedicure, also called Medi Pedi.  A Medical pedicure presents several benefits for the health of your legs, which you will typically not get with a typical pedicure. This article highlights the benefits of a medical pedicure in Dubai and places to get one.

What is a medical pedicure?

What is a medical pedicure?

A good description of a medical pedicure is the dry treatment of the feet done by a specialized and qualified podiatrist. Podiatrists are people who treat the feet, and are also called chiropodists. With a medical pedicure, you can be rest assured that your feet are in safe hands, hands that are trained to manage and promote healthy feet.

The pedicure is done in a safe, sterile, and medical-grade environment. It goes beyond the superficial treatment and cleaning of the feet and toenails for more thorough cleaning to leave your feet looking great and healthy.

Why a medical pedicure?

Why a medical pedicure?

Many conditions relate to the feet, some of which you may or may not know about. Some include callouses, fungus, ingrown hairs, and cracked feet. The conventional pedicure may not always address these issues, leaving room for unhealthy feet. Cases like these prevent you from enjoying a pedicure and a good footbath.

That is why a medical pedicure is essential. It is specially provided for people who have certain health conditions, or need a higher level of care for the feet. By getting a medical pedicure in Dubai, the podiatrist thoroughly examines the feet to pinpoint any underlying issues. They also know the current condition of your feet and if any conditions can arise later.

The benefits of a medical pedicure in Dubai are more significant than the traditional pedicure most people experience. For one, the entire treatment is more hygienic than a standard pedicure. The tools are sterilized, and your feet get the treatment and care that helps to keep them healthy. Not to worry, a medical pedicure also leaves you feeling pampered; your legs and feet also look beautiful after a session.

Where to get a Medical Pedicure in Dubai for healthy feet

Where to get a Medical Pedicure in Dubai for healthy feet

You can get a medical pedicure in Dubai and experience a new, fantastic way of pampering. Many centers offer the services of podiatrists – specialized medical professionals on foot care. Some of the places you can enjoy a medical pedicure in Dubai include

  • Dubai Podiatry Centre: The Dubai Podiatry Centre deals with bunions, flat feet, in-toeing, and out-toeing cases. Its Chief Podiatrist is an expert in the lower limb, and she works with different professionals and advice on feet and ankle problems.
  • Zia Medical Centre: Whether it is everyday foot issues or advanced conditions, the podiatrists at Zia Medical Centre are ready to provide care and aid in full recovery. The center also offers personalized treatments to suit your feet needs.
  • Feetness: Feetness is another leading provider on foot care services in Dubai. They have an expert podiatrist who deals with issues of the feet with advanced techniques and in a safe environment.

A medical pedicure is an excellent way to improve comfort and quality of life. Therefore, it is vital to experience it first-hand and know the difference for healthy feet.

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