eyebrow lamination in Dubai

Get The Perfect Brows With Eyebrow Lamination In Dubai

Brow lamination is a technique that gives your brows a tamer, fuller, and lusher look. It is a semi-permanent procedure used by those experiencing unruly or thinning brows. Eyebrow lamination in Dubai is a popular beauty treatment in Dubai that helps to achieve well-groomed and defined eyebrows. The process is non-invasive and is a favorite go-to for people looking to improve their eyebrows.

You can think of brow lamination as a perm or lift for your eyebrows. It involves a gentle pull of your brows upwards to achieve the desired shape and gives the results of a brow gel. The process works with your actual brows to provide natural, fluffier, and thicker-looking eyebrows, making it different from microblading.

The process of eyebrow lamination in Dubai

The process of eyebrow lamination in Dubai

Before each treatment, there is a consultation to understand your goals and find the right style or shape for your face. The treatment begins with applying a lifting kit to make the hair straight and flexible. It is then shaped in the desired direction, and a neutralizing lotion is applied to set it in the vertical position. Techniques like tweezing or waxing are used to help shape the brows.

Next, a natural-looking tint is applied to make the brows look fuller. After this, a hydrating serum is used to help moisturize and replenish the brows.

You should know that this process is not set in stone, and the beauty center you visit for eyebrow lamination in Dubai can follow a different approach.

Places to do eyebrow lamination in Dubai

Places to do eyebrow lamination in Dubai

Though the technique originated in Russia, there is also eyebrow lamination in Dubai. As the best alternative to microblading, there are places in Dubai that offer a painless eyebrow lamination process.

Some of the places to find eyebrow lamination in Dubai are

  • Sisters Beauty Lounge
  • Mirrors Beauty Lounge
  • Brau Bar & Beauty Clinic

These are only a few beauty centers offering brow lamination services to give you the desired look. You can also find a salon specializing in eyebrow care, understand their products, and book an appointment.

Can I do my eyebrow lamination at home?

Can I do my eyebrow lamination at home?

With an eyebrow lamination kit, you can find the perfect alternative to keep your eyebrows looking good and hassle-free in no time. When purchasing your at-home eyebrow lamination kit, you can consider the treatment’s ease of use, feel, and after-effects. Several reputable brands also offer at-home kits online with instructions for use and recommendations.

A brow lamination usually lasts up to six weeks, and with the right treatments at home, like applying serum, you can maintain the lush look you had when you first did the treatment.

Bottom line

There are many ways to improve your look, and with eyebrow lamination in Dubai, you can wake up to a perfect brow look every morning. Gone are the worries of unruly, thinning, and gaps in your brows.

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