How To Dress For An Iftar: Tips For A Stylish Ramadan Look

Ramadan not only signifies a holy month, but it is also a season of togetherness and celebration to foster unity and love.

Gathering people in a location with music, great food, and quality time with loved ones characterizes iftar. There is always an appropriate way to dress for every event, and iftars are not left out.

Whether you have an invite to an iftar feast or are in Dubai during Ramadan, the consensus is that everyone dresses modestly for iftar.

Some of the best iftar outfit ideas include Kaftans, Abayas and a Bisht. Not only can you dress for an iftar in these clothes, but you can also add your personal touch to make your stylish Ramadan look unique.

Remember the following essential tips to complement your iftar fashion.

Pair your outfit with accessories:

Pair your outfit with accessories:

Whether a bag, sunshades, belt, earrings, necklace or scarf, an accessory often accentuate your look, giving off a stylish vibe. Adding accessories, like a belt, when you dress for an iftar gives a slimming shape to your outfit and adds a trendy touch to your look. Pairing your iftar outfit with a headscarf can help achieve a conservative yet stylish look.

Don’t expose much skin:

Don’t expose much skin

You can achieve a stylish Ramadan look even when dressed in clothes that don’t reveal much skin. The best thing is to look out for dresses that do not expose your torso, shoulders or knees. Thus, dressing in, for example, shorts and a sleeveless top is a no-no for the Ramadan month. The best iftar dresses are elegant kaftans or abayas that adequately cover your skin while highlighting your stylish look. Another iftar fashion tip is to pair your usual dresses with a kimono-style wrap.

Match your colours well:

Match your colours well:

Although you may have several dresses for an iftar in your wardrobe, you must be able to choose the right colours. Where you wear a hijab or tie a scarf, ensure the colours go well with your iftar dress. Your accessories like shoes, bags and earrings should also match the clothing you wear in colour tones. Going for an all-white look or a regal black wear with gold embellishments can never go wrong. However, this is only a tip. You should choose the colours that match your style more this Ramadan season.

Dress comfortably:

Dress comfortably

Dressing in a comfortable dress for an iftar can help you enjoy exploring the city and going to iftar events. Avoid tight, revealing or heavy clothing, and opt for loose-fitting and light clothes. Your clothing can be cotton or linen, so they don’t feel heavy. You can also opt for flowy dresses for daytime wear. This way, you can beat the heat and stay on top of your classy Ramadan look.


Enjoy a joyful and fulfilling Ramadan month!

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