makeup during Ramadan

How To Wear Makeup During Ramadan

Applying makeup is a highlight of facial features and the finishing touch to every woman’s look. With several suhoor and iftar feasts, it doesn’t hurt to discuss wearing makeup during Ramadan the best way.

Although the holy month of Ramadan is a month of consecration and dedication for all partakers, it also provides an opportunity for family and friends to get together. As you go for your iftar and suhoor feasts, you can accentuate your look with fasting-friendly makeup by following the tips below.

Easy with the contour and highlighter:

Easy with the contour and highlighter

An easy way to achieve clean daytime makeup for Ramadan is to moisturize your skin. Using a moisturizer or primer keeps your simple makeup together without needing to touch up often. Apply your foundation next and ensure it blends well with your skin. We want to achieve a fasting-friendly look, so applying concealer under your eyes will only be to brighten your overall look. Lastly, your highlighter, though optional, should be used sparingly.

Keep dark colours away from your eyes

Keep dark colours away from your eyes

The use of heavy colours to get your eyebrows done should be avoided. Instead of using a dark colour when using makeup for your eyes, opt for lighter shades like ash brown. You can also shape your eyebrows, fill them in, and use eyebrow wax to give them shine. Also, ditch eyelash extensions and use your mascara or a lash curler to accentuate your eyes. You can, however, use kohl (eyeliner) to trace the outline of your eyes.

Favour your lip balm more

Favour your lip balm more

Although you may not be able to wear lipstick in the daytime, you can use your lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. If you need colour on your lips, go for nude or light-coloured lipstick, and top it off with your favourite lip gloss. You can also use Vaseline or your preferred ointment at night, so your lips stay hydrated.

You can follow these tips for flawless daytime makeup during Ramadan, whether for suhoor or as you go to work. These tips also work for those around during Ramadan and looking for fasting-friendly makeup.

  • An extra tip is to stay hydrated and eat lots of fruits at suhoor and iftar. Drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, caring for your skin and eating the proper diet are ways to maintain your overall health. In these ways, you can keep healthy on the inside without needing too many products on the outside.

Though there is no rule against makeup during Ramadan, it remains a time of increased spiritual consciousness and moderation. With these pointers, you don’t have to do away with makeup. A fasting-friendly makeup keeps you looking stylish and does not offend anyone.

Happy Ramadan celebration!

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