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Ideas for hosting an Iftar party at home

The holy month of Ramadan is among the most pleasant and favorite periods during the year. With the beginning of Ramadan, many families invite others for an Iftar party as an important tradition during the holy month.

An Iftar party at home is never complete without the provision of certain elements in the menu of the Iftar that is beneficial and vital for the health of adults and children.

Juices are among the most things that should be available for Iftar parties. This is because after fasting for more than 12 to 14 hours, the body needs to regain its balance through the intake of a large quantity of beverages.

The most delicious Ramadan juices for a magnificent Iftar party include hibiscus, tamarind, licorice, and sobia, in addition to fresh fruits; juices. Although some people prefer soft fizzy drinks, these juices are much more beneficial for their health.

Another quite an important element of any Iftar party at home is the “khoshaf,” which is a blend of dates, water or milk. Soup also plays a wonderful Iftar party idea. Adults and children love various types and kinds of soup including cream, vegetables, lentil, and onion soup.

You should provide your guests in an Iftar party with a balanced meal with salads, rice or pasta, and a source of protein including fish, meat, and chicken, in addition to a delicious dessert.

There are some tips and advice that you should put into consideration when organizing an Iftar party at home. First, you should count the number of invitees. This is to have enough food for everybody and at the same time not do not spare any resources.

Identify the most important dishes in your Iftar party at home and focus on the dishes you master excellently with some easy dishes in order not to get exhausted cooking while fasting.

Another good idea is to know the favorite dishes for the family members who are coming to your Iftar party. You must also clean the house one day before the party and perhaps use plastic dishes so as not to spend so much time after the party cleaning dishes.

After the Iftar party, it’s an excellent idea to give your invitees the opportunity to watch Television as most people in Ramadan watch TV series. Group games represent a great idea for pleasant times.

It’s always preferable to start cooking for your Iftar party two hours or so before Iftar and organize the dining table before cooking. After you finish cooking, have a nice shower to get fresh and ready for welcoming your guests.

Ramadan is a month of giving back to the ones you love. This is why you should be doing everything with love and it would be reflected in every detail in your Iftar party.


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