Luxury and affordable gifts to give your loved ones in 2023

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In the Middle East, giving and receiving luxury and affordable gifts is a significant aspect of personal and professional life. The Islamic tradition encourages gift giving as a medium of sustaining harmony. Similarly, gift-giving brings people together and is closely related to the desire to preserve connections and as a means of gaining face. However, there are some things that should be typically avoided when gifting such as pork or alcohol. This implies that it is best to confirm if a gift is permitted before purchasing for a friend or loved one in the Middle East.

In this article, we consider some luxury, yet affordable gifts that are permissible in the Middle East. They are cultural and also aesthetically pleasing, enabling you appreciate those that matter to you and nurture relationships.

5 Luxury And Affordable Gifts To Consider



Oud often known as “Wood of the Gods,” is a very famous scent in the beautiful country of Qatar. Many houses, hotels and shops in Qatar welcome you with the exquisite smell of Oud. Ouds comes in various forms mostly as body oil and hardwood chips for burning. If you want a luxurious yet affordable gift to make someone special, you can purchase a bottle of oud-based perfume.



Equiste lanterns are made with excellent craftsmanship and work, making them excellent choices for gifts. There are various lanterns you can get. One lantern that stands and perfect as a gift is the one that comes with tiny pieces of glass woven onto it.

Attar or perfume oils


By employing pressure and low heat to distil flower petals in water, attar or perfume oils are produced. Every time you pass an Arab lady, you will get a breath of her distinctive aroma, which comes from her potent oils. Sometimes spices and oils are also used, and light sandalwood oil is used for finishing.

Pashmina Shawls


Pashmina shawls are one of the most costly and well-known items to purchase in Dubai. These warm but delicate clothes are made of exquisite cashmere wool. Anyone who owns one knows they are very useful on different occasions. These shawls can be used as a fashion statement, to cover up or simply stay warm. Although real Pashmina shawls are somewhat pricey, they make the ideal gift.

Dallah coffee pots


The classic Arabic coffee pot, or dallah, constructed of brass or silver, best exemplifies Arabic hospitality. These Dallah coffee pots have been used for generations in Arab countries. Dallah are beautifully embellished with geometric engravings and even diamonds. If you visit a typical arabic home, it is customary for hosts to use the Qatari coffee custom of greeting visitors with qahwa with these pots. Qahwa is a potent and spicily spiced Arabic coffee flavored with cardamom. You might be worried about whether the person drinks coffee or not. It really does not matter. These coffee pots can serve as a goood home decoration.


Buying luxury and affordable gifts for your loved ones can wow them. If you want to buy any luxury gifts without breaking the bank, any of these items will serve as a perfect gift for people who mean a lot to you.

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