Most Affordable Places To Visit For Tourists In Dubai

Tourists In Dubai

Thanks to its beautiful scenery and growing economy, Dubai is among the world’s top five most visited countries. Tourist attractions sites like the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Aquarium, and the underwater zoo remain among the top-rated spots for tourists in Dubai.

However, travelling to a different country like Dubai as a tourist comes with several expenses. Although you want to see as much of the visited country as possible, the cost of visiting places can be overwhelming.

Regardless, there are still some beautiful tourist places in Dubai, and the best thing is they are affordable.

To enjoy your time in the city, we compiled this list of the most affordable places to visit for tourists in Dubai. Read along!

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is so positioned that you can see Dubai’s older neighbourhoods and the modern part of the city. It is dubbed the World’s Largest Frame and has a glass sky deck of 150 meters. You get a stunning view of the city and sunsets from this deck. Its glass floors also provide a view that is worth experiencing.

Dubai Mamzar beach park

You can visit the Mamzar Beach park and enjoy a fun beach day on your tour of Dubai. Choose any of the park’s five separate beaches, with wide spaces and a pristine environment. It is one of Dubai’s most beautiful yet affordable tourist attractions spots.

Dubai Global village

In Dubai’s Global Village, you can glimpse different parts of the world all in one place. The village is one of the best tourist places in Dubai, as you get to explore several cultures, food and entertainment. It provides leisure, shopping, cuisines and live entertainment and dances. It also houses a theme park for children to enjoy. Dubai’s Global Village is one destination tourists in Dubai should definitely experience. It opens from October to April every year.

Dubai Miracle garden

The Miracle Garden is the World’s Largest flower garden, home to over 100 million flowers. It is a particularly impressive place as the garden is arranged in colourful patterns and unique arches. There is even a flower structure of the Burj Khalifa. Miracle Garden also hosts weekly live performances, musical shows and parades.

Dubai Flying cup

Dubai’s Flying cup provides a 360-degree view with food and a thrilling sky experience. It is a 20-minute ride with an aerial view over skyscrapers and the beach. You get to experience the sight of the seascape and dine with your feet dangling in the air. The Flying Cup is suitable for all age groups, so you can take your entire family to enjoy the sights.


With this list, we hope that tourists in Dubai can enjoy their stay without breaking the bank!

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