Orkla IMEA Spices Up Middle Eastern Cuisine with Exciting Indian and Arabian Flavors!

Dubai, UAE, 19 February 2024: Orkla India spices things up in the Middle East with the launch of Orkla India – Middle East & Africa (Orkla IMEA), setting the culinary scene ablaze with authentic Indian and Arabian flavors! Headquartered in Dubai, this move cements Orkla India’s commitment to bringing diverse culinary experiences to food lovers across the region.

With the renowned brands MTR and Eastern leading the charge, Orkla IMEA aims to redefine Middle Eastern cuisine. This strategic initiative aligns with Orkla India’s recent restructuring into Eastern, MTR, and International Business units, showcasing its dedication to global expansion.

Ashvin Subramanyam, CEO of International Business, Orkla India(1)

Ashvin Subramanyam, CEO of International Business, Orkla India expressed, “The launch of Orkla IMEA, solidifies our dedication to the Middle East. We are delighted to bring our rich heritage of Indian culinary excellence through the MTR and Eastern brands to consumers in the region. I’m especially thrilled with the recent success of our Eastern Arabic spices range which has grown 10 times in the last 3 years, a sign that local Arabic consumers are loving the product.”

Spices and masalas top the charts as best-sellers, closely followed by breakfast offerings, beverages, and Indian sweets. Notably, the Eastern Arabic spice range is gaining momentum, capturing the essence of Middle Eastern tastes. Orkla IMEA’s focus on understanding local preferences ensures a tailored culinary experience for consumers.

Beyond commerce, Orkla IMEA contributes significantly to the Middle Eastern community by generating employment and supporting local sourcing networks, fostering economic growth along the way.

Orkla IMEA isn’t just spicing up meals; it’s adding zest to Middle Eastern culture, one flavor at a time!

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