Ramadan Decoration Ideas For Your Home: Creative Ways To Celebrate The Holy Month

Consecration, spiritual reawakening and festivities characterize the solemn Ramadan month. For 2023, Ramadan began on March 23rd and will last for the next 30 days.

All these days, you might have family and friends gathering in your home for the Ramadan celebration. To make these events more alluring for visitors, you might want to incorporate Ramadan decoration ideas.

We have simplified this by compiling some of the best Ramadan decoration ideas at home for you.

Check out these ten decoration ideas for Ramadan

Ramadan Lanterns

Lanterns are the foremost Ramadan decorations for Muslims worldwide. You can utilize these decorative lanterns or fanoos to create a festive atmosphere. Lights like electric lamps, floor lamps or candle-lit ones are good for Ramadan decoration ideas at home.

Handcrafted carpets and rugs

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Use handmade rugs to give your home a vintage look. Designs to choose from include oriental rugs, hand-tufted carpets, etc.

Ramadan Lightening

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

A simple string of lights illuminating your home can add a glowing touch to any space, especially at night. You can either hang the lights on your walls or staircase or put them in a jar and place them in different parts of your home.


Ramadan Decoration Ideas

A wreath can be used to decorate your home during Ramadan to add an elegant look to your home. You can also hang a signed Ramadan Mubarak wood to remind your guests of the season.

Ramadan door hanger

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

A celebratory door hanger can also be placed at the entrance like a wreath. There are Ramadan-themed artistic door decorations you can pick. If you prefer, you can hang these decorations indoors on your walls.

Scented Candles

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

If you do not like artificial candles, you can opt for homemade decorative candles. Choose scented candles that can re-energize and uplift your mood as you reflect in prayers.

Ramadan countdown calendar

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

A countdown calendar can be a unique addition to your Ramadan decorations at home. It can be hung on the walls or stairways. Many store-bought calendars have cute pockets you can fill with treats.

Wall decors

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

You can also decorate your walls with moon and stars stickers, lantern decals or Ramadan calligraphy in colours of your choice. Sculptures and creative artwork can hang on your walls for this particular period.

Iftar and Suhoor table setup

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

One of the highlights of Ramadan is the suhoor and iftar meals before sunrise and sunset. As you prepare for these meals, you can set up your table with decorations like scented candles, flowers or lanterns. You can also arrange your fruits and food in Ramadan-themed trays and use tablecloths and cutlery.


Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Have a bouquet resting in the centre of your table or a pot at the entrance of your home. Not only do flowers brighten up a place, but they also give a natural scent that keeps your surroundings looking ethereal.

These are classy and simple Ramadan decoration ideas for your home. The best thing about these decoration ideas is that you can place them in any part of your home, whether in your living, kitchen, or bedroom. You can do it yourself, purchase from a nearby store or shop online.

We wish you a Happy Ramadan celebration!

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