Ramadan Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Ramadan Gift

Ramadan is a month of blessing and delightful times with friends and family members who look for Ramadan gift ideas to offer to their beloved ones.

There are several ideas for Ramadan gifts that would make your family and friends happy in this holy month. However, you have to think of the best idea according to the needs and preferences of your relatives and friends. Simple gifts in Ramadan can make a great impact. In today’s article we would highlight some of the finest ideas for the best Ramadan gifts.

A complete kit for prayers


Ramadan is this period of the year Moslems get closer and closer to God through prayers, reading the Quran, and other religious rituals and activities. Anyone, including grownups and kids, would love receiving a new kit for their prayers. This would include an Isdal, a long dress for prayers, a Hijab, a prayer mat, and a Mus’haf, or a nice copy of the holy book of Quran.

A jar or box of Remembrances


This small glass jar or box would be a marvelous and personalized gift for Ramadan. It would contain 30 Remembrances so that the person would say one a day after he or she finished their prayers. This box idea represents a wonderful gift especially for old people.

Ramadan incense


Another great idea for Ramadan gifts is the popular Ramadan incense. This would include a set of aromatic scents and incense that suit the spirituality of the holy month, especially musk and oud, in addition to an incense burner.

Ramadan Lamp of Fanous


This is one of the amazing Ramadan gift ideas in the UAE and other countries around the Moslem world.  In fact, this is one of the most ancient gifts in Islam, which particularly appeals to children of all ages. You can also search for modern ideas for the Fanous including a lamp that is in the shape of the popular Ramadan characters.

Ramadan Accessories and decorations


Ramadan is never the same without wonderful ornaments that are all over the place indoors and outdoors. These include electric lights, colorful paper, the Famous, and other decorations. This is another distinctive Ramadan gift idea.

Yamish Ramadan


Yamish Ramadan is another amazing Ramadan gift idea. Muslims love dried fruits that are used to make Al Khoshaf or different types of sweet and drinks that suit Iftar. The collection includes all sorts of dates, Qamar al-Din, apricots, dried figs, coconut, raisins and nuts.

Ramadan drinks


There are many juices that are a distinctive amulet for the holy month and would be the best gifts to friends and relatives, especially in the case of Iftar party invitations, such as licorice, hibiscus, carob, Qamar al-Din, and tamarind.

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