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Redefining Modest Fashion With Style

Modest fashion is significant for a country with a conservative culture like the United Arab Emirates. Although you find a unique mix of Western styles and local traditions in the Middle East, traditional Arabian fashion is still stylish and modest.

Since the Middle East is home to different people with various cultures and traditions, redefining modest fashion with style is necessary.

How modest wear fashion is defined in the Middle East



As a predominantly Islamic region, most countries, like Saudi Arabia and UAE, have an acceptable dress code for modest fashion. One instance is the official dress code in the UAE. The government expects everyone to dress modestly, especially in public and conservative areas. Clothing worn by men and women should not be transparent and indecently exposing parts of the body.

In addition, people are encouraged to wear loose-fitting clothes that cover the shoulders, arms and legs. There is also no compulsion for women to wear head coverings or traditional Muslim attire, except when visiting the mosque, to respect Muslim tradition. Lastly, nudity of any form is discouraged, and swimwear should be worn only on the beach, swimming pool or water parks.

Style meets modest fashion


The outline by the UAE government on modest wear fashion sets the tone for what is expected to be modest fashion in the UAE. Different occasions would call for different approaches to modest fashion, and depending on your sense of style, you can still be unique and feel comfortable. Read on for crucial things to remember as you plan for a modest fashion look in the Middle East.

  • Firstly, understand that modest fashion is no longer limited to traditional Arabian wear. You should know that dressing in the Middle East is not limited to long robes and veils. Clothing like wide-leg trousers, maxi dresses and flowing skirts are modest fashion dresses without being traditional. The thing to keep in mind is a need to respect the local culture of where you are. As simple as wearing a kimono can elevate your style to modest fashion with style.
  • In addition, pairing accessories with your modest fashion dresses can never go wrong. A belt, scarf or jewellery can accentuate your look from regular to stylish. Decide based on your style, but be careful not to over-accessorize.
  • Another tip to modest fashion is to know the setting of where you want to go. Wearing bikinis outside the beach or public spaces is a no-no in the UAE. Visiting the mosque or exploring Dubai during religious festivals like Eid will require conservative wear.
  • Finally, choose a suitable colour scheme. Choosing the right colour for your skin tone is also a way for your modest wear fashion to stay elegant. If you use makeup, choose one that suits the occasion and fits your persona.

Versatility is essential as you explore your unique style of dressing. Thus, whether for festivals, parties, adventures or simply going to the mall, knowing what should be a modest wear fashion could be a game changer.

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