Ten Best Hen Party Ideas to Explore in Dubai

Hen Party Ideas

The first documented mention of the word can be supposedly traced to the United States in 1940, when Eleanor Roosevelt, the then-first lady, allegedly used the term to describe a women-only event at the White House. Since then, time has been used to describe various forms of gathering which have gained momentum globally, each having only one thing in common – they are hosted and attended by women only. Hen parties can be fun, but only when engaging with the right ideas.


Ideas for a Hen Party in Dubai


If you are looking to host a hen party in Dubai, below are some ideas you may find helpful.

1. Spa Getaway


A spa getaway for the girls is one of the most innovative ideas for a hen party. The release offers a chance to silently bond over a serene atmosphere with bodies relaxed, muscles loosened, and minds at perfect peace.

2. Natural Treatment


Natural skin treatment is a great hen party idea. Hen party bags containing natural skin care products can complement the hen party. An instance is using almond nuts to create a natural eye whitener. Likewise, several brands offer quality natural products for women and ladies whose products can be used at parties.

3. Sight Scaping


Sight scaping is also known as sightseeing. It is no news that Dubai is the capital of beauty and tourism in the Middle East. What perfect activity to explore the country than sight scaping? A visit to the world’s tallest building or an art gallery is sure to make the day for your guests.

4. Hen Craft


Hen arts and crafts are one of the most fun activities for a hen party. Guests are given materials for skills ranging from headdresses, fascinator making, painting, and many other fond activities. It is a great way to bond and laugh at various antics and results.

5. Karaoke Breakout

With a mic in one hand, tambourine in the other, sound in the background, and voice ready to pelt out each note, karaoke can be an engaging hen party activity. Karaoke can be a pleasant way to pass the time with fellow women.

6. Musky Makeover


Musky Makeover is everyone’s go-to hen party idea. A makeover is needed to put some touch of glamour in the gathering. These makeovers can be do-it-yourselfers by the party participants, or the host can invite a separate contractor to give makeup lessons and several demonstrations.

7. Memories Mine


Memories mine is a party idea that involves each woman documenting various past and present memories in several forms. This idea is suitable for participants with sufficient knowledge and a close-niched group.

8. Fine Dining


Great food equals a great hen party. Dubai has a wide array of areas to fine dine and feast. Ladies can meet and share good food and a drink while discussing, reminiscing and making fond memories.

9. Hen Party Dress


A host can put together a themed hen party where the guest has to adhere to a particular colour code, costume, or hen party dress. In many places, the go-to dress code is white. However, the host may require a costume or another formation to spice things up and jazz up the fun.

10. Garden-Themed Party


A garden-themed party is a go-to idea for a hen party. A hen party host can organize a sweet tooth gathering where guests can mingle with themselves while nibbling on snacks and finger foods.


One can only admire the progress that society has experienced over the years, as this has made it possible for women of all kinds to gather for any reason to have a fun and relaxing time. Any ideas above are perfect for a hen party requiring minimal organizational skills.

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