Top Five Luxurious Brands in the United Arab Emirates and KSA

Luxurious brands

Luxurious brands are more than evidence of big spending; they also show value and authenticity. Persons can rest assured in the knowledge that what they have is the original copy and will continue to remain valuable. A high level of exclusivity and price tags have also characterized luxury brands. Below are five of them that may tickle a reader’s interest.



Bambah was a Dubai-based fashion company in 2010 and has steadily risen to become a household name for luxury brands in the country. Its motor is hinged on ‘elegance and boldness’. Bambah often offers fashion lines that are specifically themed – the 50s-inspired clothing, spring clothing, summer collection dresses without tags, and so on. What’s more, these clothing come with special offers such as free shipping and 70% off the retail prices



Chanel is undoubtedly one of the most popular and largest luxury brands to exist today. The company deals in fashion, jewellery, eyewear, fragrance, makeup, and skincare products. Founded in 1909, it remains mainly known for its distinguished handbags, and its fashion line has rapidly grown to one of the best in the Middle East. Although a bit more expensive than most fashion brands, Chanel is worth every penny spent.

Abadia Clothing


Abadia translates literally as ‘Desert Timelessness.’ This unique brand seeks to promote sanitary products with timeless contemporary designs. It is a luxury brand in Saudi Arabia dedicated to preserving the beautiful craftmanship of modern fashion in the Arabian Peninsula. Its values are evident from its use of environmentally friendly and sustainable products. It aims to create fashion that will transcend through time to the next generation.



Sadeem’s luxury brand is all about ethical fashion. The brand deems itself a staunch advocate of sustainable fashion with materials sourced from only sustainable companies. At its core, Sadeem aims to provide an upbeat style with a widespread impact on the global environment and society. This unique perspective is what makes Sadeem stand out above its peers. Sadeem has different collections which centre on different themes across the world. There is the Manhattan collection, Art Deco, Nautical collection, and the Abwaab collection

Al Hussain


Hadeel Al Hussain Luxury brand tells a story of resilience and passion for fashion. Founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, by Hadeel, the Al Hussain brand involves a blend of the beautiful Middle East culture. The brand aims to build confidence by making unique collections that tell a story and reek of creativity. The brand has yearly groups beginning from 2018 onwards, each a pure art of creative enterprise.


Each of these brands is a testament to the creativity of countries in the Middle East, especially the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Despite their luxuriousness, these brands also have special offers to promote interest. These brands are a great place to begin if you are searching for quality style and fittings.

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