Top Leisure Centers in Istanbul

Centers in Istanbul

The ancient city of Istanbul, which has centuries of history, is home to some of the most beautiful places in the World. The city has had various historical landmarks collectively designated as a Heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization in 1985. Here are five top places to consider for a leisure break or vacation in Istanbul.

Blue Mosque


Blue Mosque looks as its name implies. It is made from Blue Iznik tiles that give the mosque’s interior a unique pigmentation. The mosque has a long history dating back to the 17th century and has a long history. Indeed, the Blue Mosque, also called the Sultan Ahmet Cami, is one of Istanbul’s most popular leisure sites. Its brilliant architecture and intricate designs make it a perfect sightseeing stop for tourists and locals alike. The Blue Mosque is usually available for sightseeing every day of the week.

Emaar Aquarium


The Emaar Aquarium comes together with an underwater zoo. The site is indeed a sight to see; there are different divisions, making it easier for tourists to enjoy the fullness of the aquarium and zoo. It also has more than 20,000 marine animals and 200 amphibian species. Other fun activities within the Emaar Aquarium include the Museum of Illusions, Bowling, and VR Room. With the Emaar Aquarium, you will get your money’s worth with lots of activities and sightseeing.

Basilica Cistern


The Basilica Cistern is one of the several cisterns that exist beneath Istanbul, but it is undoubtedly one of the enormous existing cisterns in Istanbul. Legend has it that Emperor Justinian commissioned the cistern in 532. At first glance, the Basilica is a vast expanse held by several rows of giant pillars. Its serenity is like no other; one can view the beautiful aged works with quiet awe. The Basilica Cistern can only be accessed after tickets have been bought.

Galata Tower


The Galata Tower is a former watch tower at the top of the Walls. Like the Basilica Cistern, the Galata Tower was built in the 6th century. However, it had to be rebuilt after massive damage following an earthquake in 1509. Up close, the tower reveals the chipped, massive, and aged walls, which give a firsthand time travel experience back to the 14th century. The building is always open throughout the week through working hours and can be accessed by purchasing a ticket.

Hagia Sofia


The Hagia Sofia is arguably one of the most popular places in Istanbul. One cannot fail to recommend it for activities and sightseeing leisure activities in the city. Like many tour stations in Istanbul, it was built in the 6th century during Emperor Justinian. It features domes made with monolithic marble and mosaics. The architecture of the Hagia Sofia is sure to leave tourists stunned!


The buildings are a significant source of historical heritage for Istanbul. They are also an economic enterprise to generate revenue for the city. Indeed, it is pleasing to see that cities still have their heritage close to home and kept at heart.

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