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Top Middle-Eastern Insurance Companies with Affordable Health Plans

Health insurance plans are a protective shield to make health care affordable and prevent significant future financial risks. According to the Data Bridge Market Research, the health insurance market is estimated to reach up to USD 186 million by 2029. Consequently, to get the best health insurance plans, they must be effective and affordable. Below are some of the top Middle-Eastern companies which offer affordable but effective health plans.



Tawuniya is a Saudi-based insurance company that offers various insurance policies across the board. Depending on the price, they range from Silver, Golden, Platinum, and Diamond and also cover outpatient and inpatient services of the recipient. Additionally, the insurance plan fully covers expenses of examination, diagnosis, treatment, diseases (pre-existing), and pregnancy. The plan goes for a maximum limit of USD 66, 650 dollars per person in each policy year. You can also use the Tawuniya insurance premium in monthly instalments without extra charge. Interestingly, the plan provides 24/7 medical assistance via a toll-free phone number.

AXA Gulf Insurance

The AXA Gulf Insurance health plan has been deemed to be one of the smart health plans in the Middle East today. The company provides for five customized programs to enable access to easy treatment and direct settlement, a solid all-available customer service team, 24/7 free consultations on treatments, reimbursement of claims promptly, coverage of cancer and other specialist patient support program, and so on. The company has a year-long repatriation service globally, and it provides a sum ranging from USD 6,000 to USD 40, 000 for personal accidents and cases of accidental death.

Cigna Global Insurance

As the name implies, Cigna Global Insurance is a trusty health company that offers global access to a healthcare network comprising about 1.65 million hospitals and professionals. It also proffers 24/7 access to medical support in more than 200 countries globally. One of the very peculiar facts about the Cigna Global Insurance plan is that it allows flexible plans specially geared to the needs and budget of the recipient. It includes plans for individuals and families and allows a Whole Health Hub to plan for persons who require a joint health plan for support.

Medgulf Insurance

Medgulf – the Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance Group is a long-standing retail insurance group dedicated to providing optimal health services. The company tags its affordable health insurance plan as a commitment to the well-being of its consumers. Medigulf health insurance is vested in providing the best health services in the UAE and the Middle East in conjunction with other leading third-party administrators. It offers insurance plans with yearly covers, including flexible inpatient and outpatient payment options annually.


Notably, some of these plans only have their prices available on a quote basis specifically geared to provide for the person in question. You must conduct further research by contacting the customer service of each of the above-mentioned insurance companies.

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