Where To Find The Best Places That Serve Brunch In Dubai

You might want to take a brunch in Dubai for several reasons. From a casual hangout with friends, hosting a party or taking time with yourself, you can enjoy a healthy brunch regardless of the occasion.

Since the brunch culture is widespread, we have a guide for you to find the best places to enjoy brunch in Dubai. With a wide range of excellent restaurants with top brunches in Dubai, you can enjoy a well-served brunch in the best setting in these places.

Experience an enjoyable brunch in Dubai in these places.


Akira Back:

Akira Back

For every life of the party looking for top brunches in Dubai, Akira Back is the place for you. Akira Back allows you to vibe to one of the best party brunch in Dubai. Asides from the lively Saturday brunch to remember, sea views from this rooftop location also add to its encompassing experience. You won’t be disappointed with the best-selling dishes like grilled salmon, sushi rolls and flowing drinks.

Fi’lia Dubai:

Fi’lia Dubai

Experience delicious Italian foods through Fi’lia brunch in Dubai. The homely setting of Fi’lia also contributes to the excellence of its brunch services. Each diner shares plates of a five-course meal throughout the brunch. From crunchy arancini to burrito pizza or a well-grilled steak. Each meal is designed to let you experience Italian classics in their fullness. You end the brunch with the signature dessert of Fi’lia, Fi’liamisu.



With stunning views of landmarks like Burj Khalifa, CE LA VI offers the ultimate dining experience to take your brunch a notch higher. Its Saturday brunch in Dubai offers a delectable menu inspired by international flavours. As you dine in this stylish setting, you enjoy photogenic skyline views and vibrant music that eases you up.



A combination of Chinese and Pan-Asian cuisines allows SHI to provide you with a luxurious brunch in Dubai. The three-course meal is set to indulge your taste for authentic Chinese meals. Choices like wok-tossed lobster, duck bao buns, sushi, seafood and many more are all available for you to decide. Its stunning interiors, live entertainment and seaside views make up the experience.



Coya is that restaurant that serves Latin-American flavors in all its wonder. These brunches in Dubai, inspired by Latin-American culture, rank among the best diners for delightful dishes and wonderful music from live DJs.You can relax as they prepare their star main dish, arroz nikkei, and other tantalising cuisines like wagyu short ribs, ceviche, and more.

Brunch is sometimes considered the best meal of the day. You not only get to connect better with people over delightful delicacies. But you can also unwind and relax more after a long week.

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